Criminal Minds Are Everywhere

Well, they’re on Amazon and Smashwords. Criminal Minds, the 4th Fox Meridian book has now been released.


You can find it:

(Very slow from Amazon this time. Links above, but some regions may not be live yet.)


12 responses to “Criminal Minds Are Everywhere

  1. Thanks I’ve got it and will start reading this evening!

  2. Dam you Amazon , just looked on Amazon uk and it’s not showing up yet for me 😥 and there I am needing some cheering up as I am dosed up on lemsip and of to work in a couple of hours, joy.

  3. Yes… Just a note to say that I am aware that Amazon seem to be very slow in getting this one out. As at 09:23 GMT, it’s still “In Review” in the publishing process. I can’t really give them a push this soon, but I will be keeping an eye on things.

  4. Yeah I was gonna say I guess the Criminal Minds for Amazon CA got busted cause it ain’t showing up yet here either. lol I will check back later and see.

  5. Having (conveniently) finished my last book just before bedtime last night, i lost patience with Amazon. Since there already were a couple of other books that I wanted at Smashwords, it wasn’t a big deal to buy this there as well. (It would be nice if I could pay them in sterling, though.)

    Thanks, Niall.

    (It’s still not up at Amazon UK as of 15:38, BTW.)

  6. Well Fox has arrived to the party now, all is right in the world… for now anyway :0

  7. I never thought there would be a positive to not being able to sleep. But I got it from Amazon Aust at 4am this morning. Now I just have to read slowly.

  8. Well I bought it just after your announcement from Amazon AU on Monday my time.

  9. After the first murder I was sure that the Ripper would target Marie eventually. I was suspecting you of giving Fox a bad case of stupidity of the plot convenience variety. I’m glad that wasn’t true, but I think she should have thought of it sooner.
    Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I’m looking forward to the development of class IV AIs’ role in society. Also, I hope you’ll stop teasing us with tidbits of information on Vali and Overwatch soon? 😉 My current theory–sorry, hypothesis–is that Vali is an emergent facet of Overwatch.

  10. I finally read _Criminal Minds_. I liked it! Not enough Kit! 🙂

    I was wondering if you were hinting (er, foreshadowing) something with all the talk of nano-assisted destructive brain scanning and copying. Is there an ‘Aneka’ experience forthcoming?

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