Elsa, Where Are You?

Let it Sn(G)o(w)! (My little niece is really into Frozen. Truth be told, I rather like it to.)

Anyway, here in Manchester, UK, it’s snowing. Big, thick, sticky flakes have been falling all morning and show no sign of stopping. We’re not that high up here and it’s a little too warm and wet for anything to build up. We are not talking winter wonderland here. But we’ve got snow. Real, proper, wintery snow, in March. Not very British.

It’s a perfect day to go through proofs of a novel! Okay, so it’s never a perfect day to go through proofs, but I have no desire to go outside so… Criminal Minds is back from Kate, my wonderful proofreader, and I’m working through the edits. It takes a while. Never let it be said that writing is all fun and inspiration. Also, sometime in the next day or two I need to come up with a cover and I have no ideas for that right now. However, expect to be seeing Criminal Minds at Amazon and Smashwords before the weekend is out.

I’ve booked the next Ultrahumans book (still no name…) for proofreading in mid-April, so that is going to be the next book out after Criminal Minds. This will deal with the aftermath of the demise of the Tonaldo crime-family, finally reveal what’s going on with that mysterious find in the Southern Ocean, and take us to San Francisco.

And then… Well, next Wednesday is probably going to be a break day as I spend most of it running around a disease-ravaged New York (I’ve got Tom Clancy’s The Division coming on Tuesday, but Amazon never seem to deliver games to me in a timely manner, so Wednesday…). I’ve started writing something called The Collective, but I’m saying nothing more about that one right now because I’m not entirely convinced about it. On March 18th, Daredevil season 2 is out, and on the 28th I’ve got tickets to see Batman vs. Superman in glorious IMAX 3D (never done IMAX 3D before, which is why I’m bothering with the gimmick). This kind of sudden influx of superhero imagery could easily result in me throwing my hands up and leaping into Ultrahumans 4 which is called Frostburn (you note I know that, but I still haven’t figured out a title for book 3…). I know what’s in it, so it’s just a matter of writing it down and I’ll probably be in the mood… We’ll see.


3 responses to “Elsa, Where Are You?

  1. Excellent. I’ve been looking forward to a new Ultras book after reading the last two. For me BvS means the new Batmobile model kit will be out, maybe even before the movie release.. I’ll see the movie and just hope it won’t be as disagreeable as the last quarter of Superman. I get my super hero fixes from tv in The Flash and Supergirl…And as soon as Criminal Minds is out I’ll be purchasing it.

    • I don’t get live TV (wasn’t watching it, so I spared myself some expense), so I tend to get my TV fixes from Netflix and Amazon. Neither is showing Flash or Supergirl yet. Kind of looking forward to Supergirl finally showing up: it looks like it could have a good sense of fun.
      Daredevil isn’t too bad. Jessica Jones I haven’t really managed to get into (despite the promise of David Tennant being evil). Arrow is something I could possibly enjoy more if I wasn’t stuck on the second season when Arrow isn’t Green Arrow and they decided to fake Black Canary’s cry with a gadget. I tend to think that, if you’re going to make a show about superheroes, they should be about superheroes. The Flash, given that he actually is super-powered, has some promise.
      To be honest, I’ve generally enjoyed the animated versions more than the live action ones. They tend to be truer to the source material.

  2. I found Arrow far too full of Angst. I catch the odd episode, especially when there’s a Flash crossover. Looking forward to the Flash crossover with Supergirl later in March as well.

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