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  1. Dunno if it’s just a temporary glitch, but Amazon UK has no pricing information, so it can’t yet be bought there. The same problem doesn’t seem to exist on the other Amazon sites.

    • Well, I’d check again in the morning, but you may wish to give it another go later tonight. 🙂
      I put the links up as soon as I had them available, but Amazon may not have them fully integrated (or some other jargon) for a short while.

      • Got it now, thanks :-}

      • I don’t like fantasy. Especially vampires. At all.

        Except that apparently I do. I enjoyed this one very much, and finished it yesterday wanting more. Please!

        I now don’t know whether I want more of Aneka, Thaumatology, Fox or New York vampires next. Oh, well, whichever it is, I’ll buy it and consider it money well spent. Talking of money, I do hope that the decision to give up the day job is working out well for you on that front.

        I also picked up on the linguistic incongruities that others have noted. I’m afraid they grate a little. Paracetamol was the one that gave me particular pause; I’ve only ever heard Americans refer to it by the brand name Tylenol. Maybe some use the name paracetamol, but I’ve never heard then do so or seen it written by one.

      • Well, it’s going to be Fox and then Ultrahumans. Hope that works for you. If you like, you can call my vampires science fiction rather than fantasy. They’re quite un-fantasy vampires, for the most part.

        Meanwhile, I’m considering a quick revision for some of those faults, but you almost certainly won’t get Tylenol. It’s a tradename and I tend to avoid them unless they’re totally made up. Plus, that reference comes from a scene where Dione is the POV character (IIRC) and she’s not exactly an American. Yeah, Tylenol and Advil… I even have a little bottle of Advil left over from my last trip to the US. Probably out of date…

  2. I had same issue. Now working.
    Looking forward to the read

  3. Wow, way sooner than I expected! As I said before, day one instabuy. So… instabought! 😀

  4. Great book, cool characters.. looking forward to the next, and the 4th Fox.

  5. Bought and already reading. Happy so far, as usual.

  6. Hey,

    I’m enjoying the book but I wanted to comment on the word choice. There seemed to be some British selections which didn’t work. Like “to let” “Boxing Day” and some other ones.

    I didn’t notice much of that in the ugly books but maybe I’m just forgetting.

    • Always happy to have errors noted.

    • Ive noticed a bit of the same myself but to be honest, I dont mind it and maybe chuckle a little at the incongruity and forget it. Ive spent significant portions of my life in three very distinct regions of the US in terms of dialect(Dallas, Seattle, and rural North Dakotah <— see, regional spelling) and I notice quite often that even American authors get the lingo wrong when making characters from these regions, so Im not gonna worry too much about an English author getting some Americanisms incorrect. And really, I see fewer examples in Nialls books than most other authors have in theirs.

      Having said that though, the ones I do remember without thinking about it too hard are(and these are some generalized examples from more than just Hunters Kiss); Americans dont use "to/in hospital", but rather "to/in the hospital", flashlight instead of torch, elevator instead of lift, rather than "on the (day of the week)" we use "on (day of the week)" or "on next/last (day of the week), and if Im remembering how New Yorkers Ive known reference it "FDR Drive" should be "the FDR" and in general when talking about one of our Interstate or local highways its just referenced by the number or more infrequently using " I " in combination with the number for interstates (around here it would be 35 or I35 for the Interstate) and many roads with long names or named after people are often just referenced by initials. I think if you are writing an American and arent quite sure of how we would say something, throwing up the line in a post on here and asking how we would say it would probably result in a very quick response.

      Also, the way Jenlay speak in the Aneke books definitely has a British feel to it even though its stated that Federal is derived from American English. I see that as not really an issue however, considering the setting.

  7. Boxing day was the only one that stood out for me. I’d bet most Americans don’t know what it is.

    Other than that i’v really enjoyed the story I ended up taking a 2 hour lunch just cause I didn’t want to stop. The main character being male was a nice change of perspective. I was worried when you first mentioned writing a vampire story but you’ve got me hooked. My only issue with it is that now I’m waiting for ANOTHER story line to continue… 🙂

    On a side note would it be to much trouble for you to updated the “What am I working on” page?

  8. You picked a genre I had given up on and made it interesting and cool again. I should stop reading your books in one go so I can enjoy them longer. 🙂
    On the subject of a quick revision: In part 2, Dione says that she “went three days without [blood] and started getting sluggish.” You probably meant months? Also, the table of contents contains parts 1, 2 and 5 twice.

    • No, days. They need blood once a month. If they don’t feed, however, they’ll fade in a matter of days and slip into the long sleep. From there they can survive for longer (because their metabolism is standing still), but they’re basically a corpse. Hence the legend of vampires being revived if you give them blood.
      I’ll check out that ToC thing. Sounds like a conversion error.

      • Oh. I thought it was *about* a month and not always the same number of days. But 3 days would be oddly specific then. Thanks for clearing that up! 🙂
        Just out of curiosity: Is the interval different for different lineages and/or individuals? Also: How much of a buffer is built into their 1-month rule? If I was a vampire I’d want at least a week in case I somehow lost access to supplicants for a while.
        I like all these little details and how the setting explains so many legends in an interesting way. How long did you spend on worldbuilding? 😀

      • It’s actually a specific number of days related (vaguely) to body mass, but it averages out at about 31 days. Most of them stick to the same day in a calendar month so they can remember it. Mary has to feed more often; being underdeveloped has some drawbacks. None of the known lineages have a variation on that, but individuals do.

  9. On one page, when mike and co go to the club for the first time, they talk about sclerosis of the liver, did you mean cirrhosis? Sclerosis is where something gets harder, cirrhosis is liver function impairment typically associated with alcohol.

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