Coming soon: Hunter’s Kiss


Above is the cover for my new novel, Hunter’s Kiss, which is going to be out real soon now ™. I’m working on the final edits now.

This is a new world, with vampires, but don’t expect teenage angst and forbidden romance, or particularly normal vampires: this is me after all. Hunter’s Kiss is little more police procedural than YA fantasy as young detective Mike Williams finds himself part of the NYPD’s special unit charged with enforcing vampire law in New York, and making sure the general populace remains blissfully unaware that vampires really exist. Oh, and his partner is one of the oldest vampires still un-alive.


10 responses to “Coming soon: Hunter’s Kiss

  1. My god, is this a male lead character?

  2. As is often the case with my stuff, there’s more than one lead. Mike is certainly one of those leads.

  3. Now, this is something that interests me. First day instabuy for me! 🙂

  4. @Robert: that doesn’t look like a male silhouette in that cover picture!
    @mrfg: I, too, look forward to buying it on day one

  5. Whoo Hoo!!!!!

  6. Good to see a new book coming out.

  7. Read it, it was great! And I hope a sequel is in the plan.

  8. Hunter’s Kiss was published in February, it is late June now. Is there va second book in this series??

    • It’s called Be My Vallentine and I started it, but it ran into plot problems and had to be shelved while I sorted that out (it was happening a lot just after Christmas). It’s probably going to be the book after the Unobtainium one.

  9. I just got and read the book, quite enjoyable, especially for a modern vampire story which are not often enjoyable IMO. However I think the story would have been significantly improved if every use of the word “Katana” was replaced with “sword”.

    Not that it’s impossible or even unreasonable for a vampire who’d learned to use a sword nearly two thousand years before the Katana was invented to decide they like that style of sword better and switch to it after armor fell out of general use, with modern metalurgy it doesn’t really matter which type of traditional sword was best made. However:
    1)You have Dione explain her use of a Katana as using what she’s familiar with…when she’d been using a very different sword for close to 2000 years before the first Katana’s were invented.
    2)You have it described as a Katana when the viewpoint is someone who has no reason to recognize the sword type.
    3)Katanas are the “cool sword” type, that every bad author has their bad-ass character use to prove how badass they are. You’re a very good author, but even when using a Katana fits the story, and the descriptions are well written overly emphasizing that the character is using the “cool sword” not just any sword is annoying, or maybe even when it’s not overly emphasized.

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