DeathWeb Cover Reveal

Yes, it’s time for that new book to show it’s colours. Lots of colours in this one too.


And there you have it. Some of you may be able to recognise Fox’s VT avatar trapped in the web. The concept is sort of taken from the murder rooms Kit builds for Fox, twisted into a web-like trap. Hope it works.

Six hours of rendering, and more than the usual time creating the set since each of the ‘strands’ had to be created and positioned and then tweaked so it didn’t look like they were running through Fox’s head. About 12 hours work, probably, though I admit to sleeping through a lot of the rendering process.

I know, you’re thinking “oh, he said it wouldn’t be out until after Christmas and here he is taunting us with cover art.” Well, it’s coming out early. The manuscript is ready, I have a cover, I need to come up with the blurb and do the file preparations… I’m not going to tell you exactly when it’s coming out, but it’s “in the next few days.” (Honestly? My ability to sleep when normal people do seems to have broken and if I said I’d have it ready tomorrow I’d probably nod off and discover it was Sunday. So “next few days” is the best promise I can make.)

Of course, you don’t have to buy it until after Christmas if you’d prefer to wait until I said it would be out…


5 responses to “DeathWeb Cover Reveal

  1. Always good to read a new book from you. The cover does catch the eye!

  2. I just finished reading Deathweb, and was left with one inescapable question: what happened to Hannah? I kept waiting for her to pop up either in the house or on the yacth, or possibly even later, but…she’s vanished! Was this purposely done, with some surprise waiting for us in the future, or did she wind up on the “cutting room floor” accidently?

    • Someone already asked, but suffice to say that Hannah did not go missing without purpose. She’ll be back. Not in the next book, and maybe not in the one after that, but she’ll be back… when you least expect it…

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