After a long, hard workout there’s nothing a cool action heroine/detective like Fox Meridian likes better than a cool bottle of StuffYouSuck. It’s in a bottle, it’s stuff, and you suck it.

Fox - StuffYouSuck

So, I can do Fox jokes if I feel like it.



5 responses to “StuffYouSuck

  1. Riiiiiiight.

    I keep meaning to ask: what are the chances of another Unobtanium book? It doesn’t appear anywhere on your What I Am Working On page (needs updating with Inescapable out BTW) as being worked on, future idea or doomed. Not going to be one?

  2. Here’s another vote for another Unobtanium book with Kate, when you are in the right mood. It is a fun universe to visit. Enjoying Inescapable so far.

  3. I’d like to see more of Kate, but Fox really hit her stride this book.. 10 more on her would be fine 🙂

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