No Escape from Fox


Fox Meridian is back in Inescapable. Can she cope with a new job and a rather unusual serial killer?


18 responses to “No Escape from Fox

  1. Eight minutes to the first purchase has to be some sort of record, guys. Thanks. 🙂

  2. It would have been bought at 12:01 am GMT if it had showed up on Amazon then. I was ready.

    Speaking of which, what does “to follow” mean? Are we talking later today or some time in 2016? I neeeeeeeed my Fox fix…..

    • It takes Amazon a little while to go from submitted to on their site. They estimate 12 hours for an English book, but it usually takes them less than that. As soon as I know it’s available, I’ll post the links, but someone usually beats me to it and lets me know it’s there.

  3. it might be me this time. I’m not obsessively hitting “refresh” *at all*, honestly…

  4. Heh I’ve been checking hourly… 4am still no Fox /cry

  5. I totally would have gotten there first if it was amazon instead of smashwords!

    P.S. does the book explain why fox is wearing what appears to be blue jeans and purple body paint?

  6. She wears a skin tight under suit sometimes

  7. just popped on amazon us

  8. I really enjoyed it. It was a lot smoother then the first one and Fox seemed more personable yet still tough. Great job.

  9. Oh yeah, that was good. I was hitting reload for this. Might have to write a bot to check amazon for me, for the next one.

  10. It was really good. I like the way you mix multiple side plots into the story without making me think “just get on with it.” 😉

    I noticed a few more typos than in your other recent books. Did you switch proofreaders?

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