Jackson and Terri

Teresa and Jackson Martins

Jackson and Teresa Martins, father and daughter, and Fox’s friends.

Jackson is modelling the current fashion for the gentleman businessman, an Edwardian-style, high-collared suit with waistcoat and mock-watch fob. Not his usual style, but sometimes you have to fit in at meetings, do the corporate thing, you know? Born in 2006, Jackson was 24 when he founded MarTech Technologies in 2030 and he has been the backbone of its development into the huge conglomerate it is in 2060. He still has a majority shareholding.

The greatest event in his life was the birth of his daughter, Teresa in 2038, and the worst was the death of his wife, Lysandra in 2048. Teresa became the brightest spark in his life and he had some trouble letting her go when she grew up and started taking an interest in the business. He still gets depressed when they have to be apart, and she still lives in her own wing of the huge suite of rooms they share in the MarTech New York arcology.

Teresa, Terri to her friends, takes after her mother, much to Jackson’s relief. She has her mother’s aptitude for psychology, but chose to use it differently. Terri claims her father’s brains got in there too so her career in artificial intelligence seemed to come naturally and Jackson believes she will surpass him in that area of expertise soon enough. Terri scoffs at the suggestion.


4 responses to “Jackson and Terri

  1. Is it just me or does he look more than a little like steve buscemi?

  2. When next book!

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