Fox and Kit

I’m not sure about that expression Kit’s wearing. Maybe she’s put pepper in Fox’s coffee or something. Not that she would ever do something like that, of course.

So, Kit is a late beta iteration of the MarTech Kitsune-592 personal assistant AI and she is unique. Teresa Martins had her avatar specifically designed, primarily to wind Fox up. The later versions are essentially the same, but a little different, and less cute. Aside from her clearly obvious talents, including the ability to look totally innocent while spiking coffee, Kit is programmed to act as a very effective secretary and is learning to be a detective. She can also create functional copies of herself to operate simultaneously on different processors. She’s limited to three running copies by the way her code handles synchronisation, but it’s a very useful talent and she makes good use of it.

Of course, what we perceive of Kit is just an avatar. She’s an image projected onto a screen or into the visual cortex of someone with a VR implant. With a VR implant you can also touch her, but the experience is limited since there’s no solid object there to touch.

As an aside, here we see Fox in more casual attire and, of course, with coffee in hand. Cops run on coffee and donuts after all.


9 responses to “Kit

  1. So as Kit gets smarter will she grow more tails?

  2. > Of course, what we perceive of Kit is just an avatar.
    Really? I cannot believe Terri has no plans at all to build a bioroid body for her when the first wet nanofab is built.

  3. I was wondering how her hair/ears would look. Worked out pretty well..and yes I too thought she might earn extra tails as she gets upgrades.

  4. Blooper in Inescapable. At about the 18% mark, the blistering heat of the Sahara is said to be “20 Celsius [at dawn] and would be over 30 by midday”. Hello? 20C is slightly chilly and 30C is a very pleasant temperature in dry heat. Maybe add about 15 or 20 to those numbers to capture what you meant.

    Other than that, another awesome book so far.

    • 20C is room temperature, outside, at dawn, in March. The temperatures are realistic, and higher than you’d expect now. If you think 20C is chilly… Hmm.
      The perceived temperature at noon would, of course, be far higher because those are shade temperatures.
      But those are realistic temperatures. Sorry.

  5. Hmm, Texas gets to around 38 Celcius in the summer. 🙂 Death Valley can get to almost 50 Celcius. My apartment is usually set to 20. I think I agree with Chris – but I didn’t notice because I don’t usually think in Celcius. And the intent was obvious enough.

    • Death Valley is something of an exception, but I have been to Scottsdale, AZ, in the summer (average daily high of 32C) and I made the mistake of taking a two block walk at about 2pm. I think I’d lost about 30% of the water in my body by the time I got out of the sun.
      However… the average high temperature for Scottsdale in March is 26C. Even with the effects of global warming in the books, the average isn’t going to beat 30C.
      I guess I could have just ignored the climate in the region and put in big numbers to make it sound hot, but really the problem is more dry.
      And my house is apparently at 19.5C at the moment, and I can’t sleep because I’m cooking. 😦

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