Hunt the Fox


As has been spotted, Fox Hunt is out.

Hope you enjoy it.

13 responses to “Hunt the Fox

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  3. Well, that was fun. Not as interesting a world as your others (so far, anyways?), but the characters are a bit more real? compelling? something? somewhat faster than previous first books. Anyways, it certainly sold me on Fox Hunt #2. (And while I’m commenting, I’ll note that I’m sold on Reality Hack #2, too.)

  4. Yup, enjoyed it. Thank you. (Loved Kit!)

  5. I enjoyed it. I really liked the characters. Kit was adorable. 🙂
    I hope we’re going to see more Terri in Inescapable and DeathWeb, preferably not as a damsel in distress. 😉

  6. I enjoyed Fox Hunt a great deal. It reminded me in many ways of Larry Niven’s old stories about ARM agents. BTW Have you done a 3D render of Kit yet?

  7. Loved Fox Hunt. When Will the next Aneka/Thaumatology/Unobtainium/Fox Hunt be out?

  8. Aww

    It went by way too fast. I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for your next release.

    • Interesting factoid: murder mysteries are among the shortest type of novel. 60-80k is pretty typical. (I was looking up what a novella was and found some figures.)

      I’d say “book 3 will keep you going longer since there’s a lot in it and it runs to over 100k,” but the rate you lot seem to read books at it’ll still be gone in the blink of an eye.
      Would it help if I included a lot of long words you had to look up? (Only joking. I hate having to stop to look up a word just so I can understand the author has a thesaurus.)

  9. I’ve read all your books (Thaumatology twice) and Fox Hunt is the best one yet. Keep up the good work!

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