Reality Hack – It’s Out There

Someone’s noticed that Reality Hack is available on Smashwords, so I guess the secret’s out.

As an aside, for those checking out the Smashwords pages, you may see an indication of the next book too…

11 responses to “Reality Hack – It’s Out There

  1. Out on Amazon as well 😀

    Love the name of part one!

    Rabbit hole

  2. Got it. Am reading.

    BTW: The cover of Fox Hunt looks weird, as if the girl had one fang. Only in the enlarged version the teeth are identifiable. I think they are too bright.

  3. Hack get !! Reading noooow

  4. Downloaded and just started.

    I often enjoy books about the backend of reality. One of my favorites that UI re-read every year or so is The Reality Matrix by John Dalmas. It’s conceit is that our universe is really just a playground for hyer-dimensional beings from what he nicknames the maxfield parrish universe. Magic, paranormal events and so on are really just parts of human beings greater selves. Our bodies are run by a “crew” who follow a general script in our lives and it’s only the force of our intent that can affect the script. As well as better communication with the crew. The book ties together a lot of other things, even astral travel and mediums/channelling…And all in a Sci-Fi way.

  5. Just finished it. You were right about it being hard to classify in any category. While it is Fantasy and Sci-fi your the only one who knows what it really is.

    Personally I really enjoy the UF part more then Sci-fi but you have created a world where anything is possible, yet shouldn’t get to “overpowered” because you built in “safe guards”. Very good and Very smart. 4.5 stars

  6. I also see what you meant about the difficulty of classification. On balance, I think I’d go with UF. SF is valid a secondary classification, though I fear that SF buyers might give up too early.

    Anyway, I finished it in the office this afternoon, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you. If you write any more about Nisa et al, I’ll certainly be buying. Faline, in particular, is a wonderful creation. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve got another winner here.

    (Reading in the office? Well, my employer got taken over a couple of months ago, and all that I’ve been working on for the last few years has been cancelled. I’ve already been told that there’s no place for me in the enlarged organisation, so I’m just waiting for the official notification of my redundancy – and the associated cheque that’ll fund the first year or so of my retirement. Meanwhile, I have no work to do, and a book to read alleviates the boredom.)

    • Sorry to hear about the job. I’ve been there and it’s not nice even when you’re not especially fond of the job.
      I’m glad I was able to alleviate the boredom a little.

      • Thanks, Niall, but no sympathy needed for me this time. Yes, I know how bad redundancy can be. It happened to me a few years ago, when it was a very nasty shock. I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience it. But this time I actually welcome it, simply because I’m old enough. It means that I can afford to retire a few months earlier than I was planning.

    • I sort of know how that feels too. 🙂 Enjoy retirement.

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