Reality Hack – Cover Reveal

Reality Hack CoverI’m just going to drop this here and let you wonder about it.

9 responses to “Reality Hack – Cover Reveal

  1. I’m not sure what to think about it, the cover remind me of the secret world created by Funcom. The ambiance seems kinda grime and you said mister Niall that we will have a bit of horror in this book. Tell you what, if this book is has interesting has the TSW scenarios and episode you’ll have a better workd has Anekas or Thaumatology. Damn I hope I didn’t put all my eggs in the basket with my opinion. I don’t like to raise flags. I wait for Saturday with trepidation !

    • Interesting. I was playing TSW recently, partially to get in the mood for wrapping up Reality Hack. I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of similarity, except in the mood, but I do know what you mean about the artwork, now that you mention it. I think we both took some influence from one Howard Philips Lovecraft regarding the mood.

      I got really lucky in that one of my favourite set designers put out an “Old London” model around the time I was trying to come up with a design for this. It’s got elements of similarity with the London zone in TSW (which looks like London used to look, not how it tends to look now).

      • Ha ! I knew it. It reminded me of the eastwick station. I want to see if the mood match my favorite game. Niall a vital question : Dragon or Templar ? We all know the Illuminati ain’t worth it lol.

    • I played a Dragon in the beta, long, long ago. When I came back to it this time I decided on a Templar.

  2. No they didn’t change, I only still play for the fashion, collectibles and pvp. The last episodes in Tokyo are awesome but ask a lot from you the raid gears you speak about is necessary to survive or you die. Argh Niall I hate the Urdraugh that shit disgust me xD

    • Nope, still too much gear orientation, the expansions were nice until they got to Tokyo. Tokyo keeps getting new “systems” that require “gear” layered on top and more mechanics. The irony is you arrive in Tokyo it’s HARD because you lack the special gear, and it gets EASIER as you get it. (but certain playstyles are completely unplayable, don’t try to leech heal for example — you can’t heal against a shield)

      I still love a lot of the ambiance, and play/look for stuff outside of Tokyo. I think they either totally lost the concept of stuff or it wasn’t easy to monetize. I still sub, because I like the idea. To give them credit they haven’t added keys or very expensive PTWish gear like STO did. Sometimes I go back and play around with the cooler lines and the (Halloween) Radio line of quests was just awesome with the old 1940-50s radio shows. I tend to play events and that is it now.

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