One Blog to Cover Them All

I’d get it translated into the dark tongue of Mordor, but… Well, once upon a time I could actually pronounce the whole inscription from the One Ring, from memory, but Lord of the Rings stopped being one of my favourite books a long time ago. I won’t deny that Tolkien was an influence on me, particular in his desire to create a complex world for his stories, but you could say the same for the people who created a lot of the RPG settings I used to love like Thieves World, and the Forgotten Realms, and the Traveller universe.

I think I’m getting off-topic. I’m migrating all my announcements and posts to this blog. As previously indicated, the other ones will continue to exist and I’ll put pointers from there to here. I’ll continue pushing posts out to Twitter and Facebook, and all the other social media sites, for all of the blogs for a couple of months. If you’re subscribed to those blogs directly you’ll keep getting announcements from WP, but you may wish to shift over to this blog. Personally I would recommend either Twitter (@Tharcion) or Tumblr, both of which give quite good notifications. If you’re in it for the picture posts, Tumblr is definitely best because you get the preview. 🙂

Oh, yeah, and I’m sure there probably isn’t a Mordor word for ‘blog’ anyway… Even if there really should be.

PS. I’m an idiot, Tumblr, not Instagram, in case you saw that. Link’s above.


5 responses to “One Blog to Cover Them All

  1. Excellent. Now where is Reality Hack?!

  2. This seems like a good place to post this reminder from the thaumatology books page:

    on July 3, 2013 at 8:12 pm said:
    Dragonfall, The Other Side of Hell, and then For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll.
    I really must update this page. Thanks for reminding me.

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