Patreon is a site a bit like Kickstarter, but based around the old notion of artistic patronage. You can subscribe to a Patreon producer’s site, helping them to produce more of whatever form of ‘art’ they create. You can give per item produced or on a monthly basis and so help the struggling artists of the world to make more glorious stuff for us all to look at/read/play/etc.

I am not a struggling artist, but I do have a Patreon page now. I’m looking at this as a way of getting some extra money in to do additional projects. The main one is audiobooks, which I’m not sure are really economically viable, but were a real pleasure to do, but there are some other things I’d like to try. And I thought “I have loads of concept art people would like to see and I could post that as a reward for subscribers.” You can find details on the page.

In other news, Shadows and Reality Hack are both going to see the light of day before summer is out (and probably before it’s very far gone at all). That’s a new Ultrahumans book and something entirely new. Keep your eyes on this space for more news.


10 responses to “Patreon

  1. More books are always awesome but please I need more books about Ceri ruling the world!

  2. And where would the release schedule be, exactly?

    • That would be in my Google calendar, actually where it currently lists three entries: Shadows, Reality Hack, and “unnamed new sci-fi book”. I don’t tend to publish absolute release dates until I’m sure I can meet them, so I don’t have a list on this or any other site indicating when these are going out. (But Shadows is next weekend.)

  3. Speaking of audio books, congratulations on Steel Beneath the Skin being released as an audio book. I just saw it on audible. Not sure if this was due to efforts on your part or Amazon/audible deciding to produce it due to user demand and/or strong sales figures, but two thumbs up. Looking forward to listening to the book!

    • A bit of both. Audible’s production wing, ACX, assisted in the production, but it was down to myself and the voice actress, Gabrielle de Cuir, to put it all together. Sales have been distinctly better than the paper version, but then the production costs are significantly higher. That’s one of the reasons I started the Patreon thing, to help support more audio books since I do think it’s a medium which adds something to the books (unlike paper which is kind of cool, but not that different to reading an ebook).

      BTW, the paper books are beautiful, gorgeous bits of production work, and nothing to complain about, but the costs are high compared to buying an ebook.

      • Neat. Thanks for the explanation. Can’t say anything about the paper books as I’m generally 100% ebooks now, which is a happy/sad thing for me. I could be tempted into a hard copy if you were offering them signed. 🙂

  4. Are any of your books going to become available as audiobooks?

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