The Great Adventure

A little while ago I discovered that Google Play had a bunch of remastered Ultravox songs and several went in my playlist. One of those was “Love’s Great Adventure,” which I recall having a cool video. Anyway, this isn’t the start of a new relationship, but the ending of an old one, and it seems like a good time to finally start using this blog for the purpose it was intended.

Yesterday, March 27th 2015, was the last day of my computing career and the start of my career as a full time writer.

I am, obviously, a little worried that this won’t work out, but I am currently in the delightful position of being able to kick the day job into touch and go into writing as a primary career. It was with a bit of sadness that I walked out the door of the office for the last time; I’ve been there for 6 years and, while I’m not the most social person in the world, there are people there I would classify as friends, not colleagues. But, if nothing else, I have to at least try to make this work. I’m not much for following dreams, but this one seems like one worth following.

Striking out on my own will let me work on some side projects as well as my “main line” of books. I’ll have more time to write, as well as more time to pursue a few other things. This blog is here to be more of a personal journal, while the Steel and Thamatology blogs will remain to support the book lines.

Watch this space.


4 responses to “The Great Adventure

  1. Hey, you got balls of steel Niall. You’ll make it, you must.

  2. A momentous occasion! I imagine that you’re half elated and half scared witless? I’m sure it’ll all work out fine, and wish you all the best with this amazing change.

  3. Congratulations on the big step! We look forward to what comes next.

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