The Iron Princess

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The Iron Princess, the first in the Twilight Empress trilogy is now available.


Friday is Relative

Okay, so this post is out of left field…

I’ve just been reading this week’s New Scientist. For those who don’t know it, it’s a weekly magazine featuring articles on science, all kind of science. I don’t get it every week, but I pick it up when I think an article has something interesting I might be able to twist into fiction and this week the cover story is “What is Time?” Interesting question and one for which there is no good answer at the moment. Plenty of theories which may or may not explain our experience of time passing. The article proposes various quantum theory elements which may explain where the time we experience comes from. Fascinating stuff.

One of the explanations involves the uncertainty inherent in quantum events. It seems our perception of time passing may have something to do with quantum uncertainty and the ‘quantum ignorance’ which results from it. I think it sounds like a good explanation since I’ve been absolutely convinced that today was Saturday since at least lunchtime. It’s nice to know that my uncertainty over the day is just a reflection of the origin of time. I think it’s a superposition thing: it was both Friday and Saturday, until I measured it and the probability equation collapsed.

Global Weirding

If anything suggests we’re seeing the effects of Global Warming, specifically a rise in unusual weather conditions, it’s the UK right about now. Last week, appropriate outdoor clothing involved a scarf. This week I am reconsidering my decision not to look into air conditioning for my office. It’s April and we have a minor heatwave. April is usually a wet, blah sort of month. It’s not really warm or cold. It just happens and we hope it’s nicer in May (and it often is because the one thing the British weather hates is being sunny when the kids are on holiday come summer!).

Not that this is really ‘extreme,’ but it is out of the ordinary. On a BBC science programme, Horizon, a few years back, the phenomenon of increasing instability in our ‘usual’ weather conditions was given the name ‘Global Weirding’ by a meteorologist working on the weather in the southern US region where long periods of drought were becoming more common. The programme was a big influence on the state of the planet in the Fox books.

Meanwhile, I’m busy writing the next Ultrahumans book (again). That’s a world where ‘Global Weirding’ takes on an entirely different meaning…

The Long Road She Took

Obscure title for a post… check!ayah-12

Character art… check!

Okay, this is Ayah. Or it’s one of her incarnations. If you click on the image it should take you to an ArtStation post which contains her rather elaborate history. I created her for one project and then liked the model so much that I had to find a story for her. It’s taken me at least three tries, but I think I’ve finally cracked it and you should see the results in May.

Initially she’s getting a trilogy which, incidentally, I’ve been trying to write in one form or another for several years. It was going to be sci-fi and it’s now become fantasy and, amazingly, I think it works better that way.

So, assuming I don’t freeze to death in the current ‘spring’ weather, you’ll get to find out what’s up with Ayah sometime fairly soon.

RIP Stephen Hawking

And that’s about all I have to say on the matter really. Gone is a great mind and a great character.

The Eyes of the Huntress


The new book is out. The Eyes of the Huntress.

This one was a long time coming. I originally started it in 2015, but I decided that the main character was a little too much like Aneka Jansen and went somewhere different. Well, now she’s back.


In Other News

Having a little trouble with the Twilight Empress book. I’m taking the weekend to consider a fairly drastic change in the background, but whatever happens, I’m expecting it to appear on the virtual shelves in early May.

Not Real Snow

This is an entirely irrelevant post. You have been warned!

It has been snowing here all day, but there is no snow on the ground. It’s not even lying on the dustbins, or the grass, or my car.

That is not real snow and it should be banned!

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